R. Kelly Wants To Take You To Love Land

Next solo album inspired by events of September 11.

R. Kelly must be running on fumes, because in addition to recording a collaborative album with Jay-Z, The Best of Both Worlds, he's already embarked on his next solo endeavor.

"I'm working on my album called Love Land," Kelly said Friday. "I was inspired by September 11. I said, 'I'm gonna do a whole album about love, [of] love songs, and represent New York on that,' because that was a terrible thing that happened. Love Land is gonna say, 'Hey, I'm feeling you.' "

Kelly said that he and Jay-Z are talking about releasing their respective new solo LPs about three months after The Best of Both Worlds, which is due in a couple of months. The potential chart competition with Jay-Z — whose next album is likely to be titled The Blueprint 2 (see "Jay-Z Plugs New Studio Track Into Unplugged LP") — doesn't worry him.

"When it's the best of both worlds, I can't be mad at that man," Kelly said. "He's the best at what he does, and vice versa."

That healthy competition is also helping to fire up their collaboration, which has so far been recorded in separate studios (see "R. Kelly, Jay-Z Join Forces To Record Album").

"It's hot, because I'm trying to show him I'm the hottest in R&B, and of course he's trying to show me [he's the best rapper]," Kelly said.

"I want to continue to put out music, but I don't want to continue to put out music the same way," he added. "I'm not the type of guy to keep doing it the same. The traditional way is to keep it different."