Pink, 3LW, Tupac To Appear On Naughty By Nature's Upcoming Album

The group's iicons slated for April 9 release.

Where would the hip-hop community be without the 2way pager? Besides the pastime of trading alerts that encompass beats from songs such as Fabolous' "Young'n'" and Bubba Sparxxx's "Ugly," you can use it to immediately spread the latest 411, and in the case of Naughty by Nature, gauge which of your fellow entertainment industry friends really have love for you.

Last summer during a trip to Los Angeles, Naughty frontman Treach sent pages out to various rappers and singers saying he and his partner Vinnie were in town working on their album iicons, and whoever wanted to get down with them should come through to the studio. Acts such as Carl Thomas and Pink accepted the invite.

"Treach is just a magnet," the group's Vinnie said Friday (January 4). "Whenever he gets in an area, he always knows somebody who knows somebody. It's a party wherever that boy goes. So it was just a matter of him reaching out and bumping into people, like, 'Yo we in the studio, come on by,' and we had a gang of tracks. It wasn't like we called [just] anybody, it was people who we had love for and respect."

The album's first single, "Feels Good," features 3LW and should surface in March.

"Naughty by Nature, our primetime is sort of like spring and summer," Vinnie said. "Right now after September 11 ... it was perfect timing to bring out a feel-good vibe. We started stuff and a lot of the kids picked up and ran with it. Right now we need more feel-good music in the market. A lot of these subject matters are getting stale."

Pink gives off a sex kitten vibe on "What U Wanna Do." "I like the way you sound/ The way you put it down ... Got me so excited/ So what you wanna do?" she sings on the hook after telling the fellas they "need some rock" in their lives. Meanwhile, Treach says on the track he isn't shy about showing her his beefcake.

Carl Thomas brings his trademark soul crooning, but sings in sort of a Jamaican accent on "NBN." "Why you trying to play me?" he asks on the hook. "You can't see the Naughty by Nature."

Method Man and Redman, Queen Latifah, and Lil' John & the Eastside Boyz will also be featured on the LP, as will Treach's deceased best friend Tupac Shakur. A previously unreleased Pac verse will be heard on "Ashes to Ashes," where the two rhyme about living life on the edge. 

Naughty by Nature's iicons is slated for an April 9 release.