Pantera Members Rip It Up With Rebellious Side Projects

While Pantera take time off, members make other plans.

While sledgehammer demolition unit Pantera may be taking some time off, that
doesn’t mean the band members are getting any rest. Expect at least two
side-project albums and a DVD between now and the summer when the
Texan troublemakers reconvene in the studio to work on new Pantera material.

Guitarist Dimebag Darrell and drummer Vinnie Paul plan to usher
in the new year with a pair of performances by their metallic southern rock
side project, Gasoline. The band, which also features Pumpjack vocalist
Thurber T. Mingus and bassist Sean Time, will play Dallas’ Bronco Bowl with
Drowning Pool, Sevendust and Union Underground on December 31, then they’ll head
over to their strip club, the Clubhouse, for a midnight gig.

“Pantera hasn’t played on New Year’s Eve for a while, and sitting around the
house watching Dick Clark ring in the new year kind of sucks,” Vinnie Paul said.
“That’s why we put this thing together.”

Gasoline will play covers by Ted Nugent, Thin Lizzy and Pat Travers, as well
as six originals.

“Our big hit is ’Gas Tank,’ and the lyrics are, ’This ain’t no beer belly,
this is a gas tank for my love machine,’ ” Paul said. “Basically, that’s what Gasoline is
all about — booze and women.”

The band will be joined by Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell, who
will perform acoustic versions of the Alice tunes “Got Me Wrong” and “Rooster.”

While Gasoline have demoed their originals, they have no plans to release a
studio album. However, Paul, Darrell and Pantera bassist Rex Brown are
almost ready to uncage Rebel Meets Rebel, their side project album with
country maverick David Allan Coe.

“There’s really not anything else out there right now that sounds like
this,” Paul said. “Take a hard rock band and put a f—in’ kick-ass country
singer in there. It’s just a country/heavy metal hoe-down.”

The three Pantera-mates started working on the disc over three years ago;
the reason the project took so long is because they were only able to play
with Coe when he was passing through Dallas on tour. So, the combo worked on
the songs in dribs and drabs. Then, just as soon as all the songs were
recorded, Pantera hit the road, further delaying the project.

Currently, the band has six songs mixed, including “Heartworn Highway,” “A
Man With Nothin’ Ain’t Got Nothin’ to Lose,” “One Night Stand,” “New York
City Streets” and “Get Outta My Life.” The title track will be a duet with
Pantera singer Philip Anselmo. Paul hopes the band’s label, Elektra, will opt
to release Rebel Meets Rebel, but if they pass, he plans to shop it to other
labels. He expects the record will be released some time between March and
the summer.

If it comes out in March, it will coincide with the release of the second
Down record, which features Anselmo and Brown along with Corrosion of
Conformity vocalist/guitarist Pepper Keenan, Crowbar guitarist Kirk
Windstein and Eyehategod drummer Jimmy Bower. Down’s first sludgefest, NOLA (short for New Orleans, Louisiana), was released in September 1995.

In addition to Gasoline and Rebel Meets Rebel, Darrell will soon get busy
choosing footage for the DVD “Pantera 4:,” which the band hopes to have out in the

“It will be another three years of video tape of us just being on the road,
doing our thing,” Paul said. “Our fans love that sh– and they’re always
coming up to us and mimicking things out of the home videos.”

As soon as the members of Pantera have their respective projects out of
their systems and on the shelves, the band will focus on forging its sixth
major-label release.

“We’ve been on tour basically non-stop for 12 years and we’ve really never
taken any time off,” Paul said. “So at the end of our last tour we were
like, ’Look, we all have some side projects we want to get out of the way.
There’s no hurry to get back in the studio, but when we all feel comfortable
and ready to go we’ll do it.’ ”

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