Limp Bizkit Scouring 22 Cities For New Guitarist

Band will kick off its Put Your Guitar Where Your Mouth Is Tour on January 11.

Limp Bizkit's search to replace recently departed guitarist Wes Borland will begin next month, and the band is asking those who think they can fill his shoes to put their guitar where their mouth is.

The rap-rockers will hit 22 cities on the Put Your Guitar Where Your Mouth Is Tour beginning January 11 in Fresno, California, and wrapping up February 10 in their adopted hometown of Los Angeles.

"We would be limiting ourselves if we stayed in L.A. and tried out guitar players," Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst said. "Our fans are a huge part of what we are — the sixth member. We want to bring it to them and see if they have something to contribute besides being a fan."

Limp Bizkit are posting details about the tryouts on their Web site and planning to take out classified advertisements in local music publications. "We're doing it as if we weren't a band like this," Durst said. "We're doing it like a local band that is looking for someone in their city."

Tryouts will be held at Guitar Center locations in each city starting at 10 a.m. Several qualifiers will be chosen each day to jam later that night with Limp Bizkit.

"It might be some guitar player in some nook and cranny," Durst said. "We're going to start in America. There is no guaranteed way to know that we will find one, but this is a good way to get out and be with our fans. We miss them. I think this is a great way to find a guitar player. You just never know [where you will find one]."

Durst said the band is looking for guitarists to show their originality and proficiency, not just play Bizkit covers. "We want to find someone who is hungry," he said. "Someone we have chemistry with, who is cool to hang out with. It's like dating. They need to have something that when you meet them, it makes you curious enough to call for a second date."

He emphasized that Limp Bizkit are not looking for someone to replicate Borland. "Wes is a legend in his own right. Like if Led Zeppelin needed a guitar player, you don't get Jimmy Page, because you can't. Wes is Wes. We don't have any idea what we are going to do with our next record. So [our new guitar player] has to bring something to the table. We are looking for a bandmember, not a hired gun."

Guitarists who want to bypass the Guitar Center tryouts can upload original songs and guitar playing on for a chance to secure an audition with Limp Bizkit. If a submission catches the band's ear but the guitar player doesn't live in one of the cities on Limp Bizkit's itinerary, the guys might fly the lucky candidate to the nearest tour stop.

"When you are a guitar player [in an unsigned band], most of the time you don't have a lot of money," Durst said. "We want to bring it to them. A lot of bands say they are about the fans — we're trying to prove that we really are. We want to totally bug them out."

Borland, a founding member of Limp Bizkit, left the group in October (see "Limp Bizkit And Wes Borland Part Ways"). Management did not give a reason for the split but described it as amicable. Durst said a few days later the band hoped to launch a tryout tour in November (see "Wanted: Ill Guitar Player; Must Know Limp Bizkit Tunes").

Put Your Guitar Where Your Mouth Is Tour dates, according to Limp Bizkit:

  • 1/10 - Fresno, CA

  • 1/11 - San Francisco, CA

  • 1/13 - Beaverton, OR

  • 1/14 - Seattle, WA

  • 1/16 - Boise, ID

  • 1/17 - Salt Lake City, UT

  • 1/18 - Denver, CO

  • 1/20 - Oklahoma City, OK

  • 1/21 - Bridgeton, MO

  • 1/23 - Chicago, IL

  • 1/24 - Detroit, MI

  • 1/25 - Buffalo, BY

  • 1/27 - Boston, MA

  • 1/28 - New York, NY

  • 1/30 - Oxford Valley, PA

  • 1/31 - Rockville, MD

  • 2/1 - Virginia Beach, VA

  • 2/3 - Atlanta, GA

  • 2/4 - Jacksonville, FL

  • 2/5 - New Orleans, LA

  • 2/7 - Dallas, TX

  • 2/8 - Austin, TX

  • 2/11 - Los Angeles, CA