Redman, Method Man, RZA, Kelis Talk Chemistry, Cuttin' At 'How High' Premiere

Russell Simmons, Stephen Baldwin, Rockwilder also show up for debut of Redman/ Method Man comedy.

NEW YORK — Celebs from Russell Simmons and Stephen Baldwin to the LOX and old-school rapper Kwame turned out Monday night for the world premiere of Redman and Method Man's comedy, "How High."

"Those are our dogs," said Jadakiss, before he made his way into the auditorium where the movie was being shown. "We gotta hold it down for that. Plus, we wanna see the movie." (Click for photos from the premiere.)

"Red and Meth, they always do they thing," said his fellow LOX member Styles. "They got that chemistry."

"They really like each other and they're both characters," Kelis said later, giving her insight into why the two work so well together. "It's so rare you see that now. I hope [the movie's] good. It looks cute. It looks like something that will make me laugh."

As underachievers Jamal and Silas, Red and Meth get to play off of each other throughout the flick. After spending six years in a two-year community college, mama's boy Jamal gets motivated to take the college entrance exam after his dear old mom threatens to kick him out of the house. Silas, on the other hand, is a genius, but sees no reason to take his best friend Ivory's advice and waste his time in school when he can make money by supplying the 'hood with herbal medicines that can cure everything from rashes to headaches.

When Ivory dies during a comedy of errors, Silas is motivated to go to school, and uses his dead buddy's ashes to develop a super potent form of marijuana. By a twist of fate, Jamal and Silas meet each other and spark up before taking the college entrance exam. Their homegrown stimulant helps them on the test, and all of a sudden a gaggle of colleges come knocking on their doors.

"I wasn't in his class," RZA said of his school days with a young Method Man. "I was probably the person who he cut class with."

"I ain't start cutting till I got to high school," Meth said later when he showed up with Red. "That's when I learned the ropes."

"Me too," Red interjected. "I was in the lunchroom a lot, too."

"I wish I would have stayed my ass in class," Meth continued. "I still ain't got a diploma."

In the movie, the duo go for degrees when they decide to attend Harvard. The two wreak havoc as they bring their ghetto fabulousness to the stuffed shirts of the Ivy League campus, doing everything from deflowering virgins to throwing wild parties with pimps and prostitutes, and of course, pulling pranks.

"It was a blast because I was a big fan of Wu-Tang and Meth's," said Trieu Tran, who plays one their roommates, Tuan, in the film. "I was like 'I listen to your music every day, you have no idea.' "

Tran admitted that Red and Meth didn't always stick to the script.

"A little bit here and there," he said about the improvisation. "Some scenes are pretty much set, other times the director let us go wild. It's like you got Meth and Red, they're goofballs. They're having a good time."

"I had so much fun working with Red," Essence Atkins, who plays Jamal's love interest Jamie, said before she went in to take her seat. "He was real cool people. He was respectful and really funny. We got to make out a lot. I know a lot of girls are jealous.

"The key to [Red and Meth's] sex appeal is their honesty," she added. "What you see is what you get, they're not fronting at all. Not to mention the fact they're quite diesel underneath all those baggy clothes."

Red's longtime friend Rockwilder was responsible for not only providing the music for Jamal and Jamie's love scenes, but for the entire film — he scored "How High."

"It was like a whole different thing [from producing songs]," Rock said. "At first when I started the movie I came back with a whole lot of tracks. Then I had to understand the whole method of it. As far as the mood, you have to get the music method. It took a while, then when I got into it, it came out hot. I really feel this movie was a learning experience to me in the score field. The next movie is going to be even hotter."

Like Rock, the self-proclaimed millennium version of Cheech and Chong have other Hollywood endeavors on their horizon.

"We trying to make our own movies now," said Meth, who's looking forward to developing films with Red through their company, Blunt Brothers Cinema, or BBC.

"It's been positive, real good man," Red added about the response to his first big-screen starring role. "Ni---s wouldn't front. I figure if they ain't like it they wouldn't say nothing. A lot of people been reaching out like, 'Yo, that sh-- was hot!' "

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