J. Lo, Kid Rock, Ja Rule Salute Troops At USO Show

Concert taped at Air Force Base in Germany will be shown on MTV in January.

Clad in a series of skimpy outfits despite chilly temperatures, Jennifer Lopez led a USO show for troops stationed in Germany on Saturday that raised morale and gave the thousands in attendance a taste of home-cooked entertainment.

Lopez, performing last on a bill that also featured Kid Rock and Ja Rule, emerged from a center-stage trapdoor to begin her set with the new single "Ain't It Funny," backed by a line of male dancers outfitted in military garb.

During her performance, which was interrupted by a skit that saw "Sgt. Lopez" inspecting her troops and disciplining one with an order of "Hit the floor and give me 10!," the Latina superstar served up renditions of "Love Don't Cost a Thing" and "I'm Real," which began in its original incarnation before morphing into its hit remix with the help of Ja Rule.

Kid Rock opened the show, which began at 8 p.m. as frigid fog rolled in from the Ramstein Air Force Base runway, entering the massive Hangar 3 on one of the military vehicles parked at the outskirts of the crowd, just beyond the hangar doors. Led to the stage by an honor-guard entourage while keeping warm pimp-style in a blue and white fur, Rock riled the crowd with "American Bad Ass," a song from last year's The History of Rock that has become somewhat of an anthem for troops fighting the war on terrorism. Backup dancers in outfits too revealing to pass military muster were bumping and grinding along with the new single "Forever" and a medley of Rock rattling off bits of familiar songs on guitar, drums, turntables and bass.

Ja Rule contrasted Rock's no-nonsense, tough-guy attitude with a mood more suitable for prolonged periods of R&R. His celebratory "Livin' It Up" had even those not entirely familiar with the rapper shaking their tails, as did his new single, "Always on Time."

For more coverage of the show, including behind-the-scenes footage of J. Lo, Rock and Ja Rule interacting with the troops, check out "For the Troops: An MTV/USO Special," airing January 1 at 2 p.m. Carson Daly will serve as the show's host, with Gideon Yago providing on-site interviews with military personnel.