Zombie Directing Videos For Himself, Ozzy During Break From Tour

His own clip will resemble 'A Clockwork Orange.'

Rob Zombie isn't going to let a little thing like a broken leg get in his way — especially if it isn't his.

The ghoulish rocker — whose tour with Ozzy Osbourne was recently sidelined when Ozzy suffered a stress fracture (see "Ozzy Breaks A Leg; 10 Merry Mayhem Dates Postponed") — is using his newfound downtime to direct two new videos. Zombie is working on clips for the second single from his The Sinister Urge album, "Never Gonna Stop (The Red, Red Kroovy)," and Ozzy's next single, "Dreamer."

Workaholic Zombie plans to fit both video shoots in during the impromptu one-month break from the Merry Mayhem Tour.

"I figured out a way to fill every second of [the unexpected time off]," Zombie said recently. "Basically preparing those two videos has taken up the whole time.

"I hated the fact that the tour stopped," Zombie added, "but we were trying to figure out how to shoot these videos while we were on tour, and that's a nightmare. Having the time off kind of worked out well in that sense."

Zombie scheduled a shoot for his "Never Gonna Stop" video on Tuesday and Wednesday (November 21) and plans to begin shooting Ozzy's "Dreamer" clip after taking a holiday break. The pre-holiday portion of Zombie's ambitious schedule finds him revisiting a film classic and realizing a long-held dream in the process.

"I'm finally doing an idea that I've wanted to do for years and years and never got around to," Zombie said of his treatment for "Never Gonna Stop."

"I wanted to basically refilm 'A Clockwork Orange' and rebuild all the sets. ... I always loved that movie, and the art direction's just the best."

Zombie is promising a more restrained approach for Ozzy's "Dreamer" clip.

"Ozzy's video is much simpler because the song is almost like 'Imagine,' so he wanted to do something super-simple that was not gimmicky or weird. It's kind of a really different video for Ozzy."

The treatment may be simple, but putting together a video for another artist, especially one of Ozzy's stature, isn't, Zombie said.

"I want to do a better job on his video that I do on my own, because when you're working for someone else you really want to come through for them. They could have picked anyone, and for Sharon (Osbourne, Ozzy's manager and wife) to come to me and say, 'We really love the video for "Feel So Numb." We really want you to do Ozzy's video.' ... It's a big responsibility."

Perhaps Zombie can breathe a bit easier when his "break" ends and he returns to the Merry Mayhem Tour on November 29 in Grand Forks, North Dakota.