LL Cool J 'Sick With It' On Next LP, Neptunes Say

Duo have recorded four tracks with LL so far.

LL Cool J has jumped aboard the Neptunes' beatmaking gravy train. Last week, the two were buzzing about their latest session with the rap icon, who's putting together his next opus.

"We did a dope record with that guy, man," Pharrell Williams said on Thursday. "[It's called] 'I'm Gonna Love You Better.' "

"That's my joint right there," his partner, Chad Hugo, added.

"It's just about him just going back to his girl and saying, 'Listen, I didn't even cheat on you. I didn't do anything wrong. I just wanna let you know I love you so much that I'm gonna love you better,' " Williams explained. "It's so dope."

"It's like a futuristic 'I Need Love,' " Hugo said.

The 'Tunes, who have done four tracks so far for the follow-up to LL's G.O.A.T. Featuring James T. Smith: The Greatest of All Time, said the MC's journey back to his roots inspired them to give it all they got.

"When I tell you it's the essence, it is the essence of me and [Chad]," Williams said. "Every chord, every kick, every snare, everything that we did to that record, man, is like it is the essence of who we are. I'm proud of that."

The duo are equally proud of LL's zest for recording.

"He's hungry, man," Williams said of LL. "He made a very interesting statement. He thought that by saying [he was] 'the greatest of all time,' he felt like God sort of penalized him, because God is the greatest of all time. God lashed out at him like, 'Listen, don't do that.' Although [G.O.A.T.] went platinum, 'Don't do that.' He's so hungry and humble.

"Honestly, when you look at it, dude is what he say he is," Williams continued. "He's sick with it. But this new record, man. For him to be doing, like, 10 records — 10 records! — for him to have 10 albums out and to still come back and be able to make a dope record, a dope record, he's serious, man."

A release date and title for LL Cool J's next album have yet to be determined, a spokesperson for Def Jam said. In April, the rapper said he had hoped to get his album out by October (see "LL Cool J Heads Into Studio As New Single Goes To Radio").