Bubba Sparxxx, Jadakiss Put The Big-Boy Toys In New Video

'They Ain't Ready' clip features motorcycle-car hybrids that reach top speed of 180 mph.

Once they catch a glimpse of the big-boy toys in the new video by Bubba Sparxxx and Jadakiss, rappers by the dozens just might have to make some revisions to their holiday wish lists.

The clip for "They Ain't Ready," the Timbaland-produced next single off the Ruff Ryders compilation Ryde or Die Volume III: In the R We Trust, features what could possibly be the next big thing in customized transportation: motorcycle-car hybrids that reach a top speed of 180 mph, according to Sparxxx. With two wheels in the front and one massive tire in the rear, the vehicles look both fast and fierce — a bad ass, heavy-duty replacement for the racing bikes that have been staples in videos by DMX and others.

"I really can't tell you too much about them," Sparxxx said of the three-wheeled oddities, two of which appear in the clip. "I ain't seen nothing like them before. That's some absurd stuff ... some weird stuff."

The concept behind the video, which features cameos by Jim Crow, Outkast's Dungeon Family and other members of the Ruff Ryders, is something of a country mouse/city mouse affair, with Sparxxx introducing his southern homies to Jada's Yonkers, New York, crew, and vice versa (see "Jadakiss, Bubba Sparxxx 'Ain't Ready' For Ruff Ryders Single").

"That's actually just two worlds meeting and peacefully co-existing," Sparks said. "Me being from the rural South down here, and Jadakiss and them being from around the ways in New York ... It's really a testament to how far hip-hop culture has spread and how the world is slowly changing. But at the end of the day, it's really just two hot dudes gettin' on a song and making it work."

The clip was shot November 6 and 7 by director Chris Robinson (Alicia Keys, Snoop Dogg). Working with "one of the hottest directors on the planet," as Sparxxx referred to Robinson, made the video turn out even better than he imagined.

"He's so easy to work with because he's got this tactful way of making suggestions [and as an artist], you kinda get stuck in your ways sometimes. But he's got this way of making suggestions to where you don't take offense to it, and it ends up working for the overall good of the video. It's just been a great experience working with him."

The video for "They Ain't Ready" is expected to surface at the end of November, according to an Interscope spokesperson, while Ryde or Die Volume III is scheduled to drop December 18.

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