Usher Tour On Hold After Singer Dislocates Shoulder

Injury during rehearsals pushes road trip back to April.

Usher, the singer who once sang about poppin' his collar, has popped his shoulder out of place, forcing him to delay the start of his tour until next year.

The 22-year-old, who was to begin his nationwide tour with opener Fabolous on December 6 in Minneapolis, apparently dislocated his right shoulder sometime last week in Los Angeles while rehearsing choreography that includes handstands and back flips, according to his spokesperson. Although he'd been experiencing severe pain, he didn't know the severity of his injury until he consulted his doctor on Monday and was told he had to have immediate rotator cuff surgery, the spokesperson said.

The singer is still hospitalized and should be released within the next couple of days. Usher, who devised much his show's choreography himself, was wrapping up the last stages of his performance rehearsals when he was hurt, his rep said.

Since the singer will need about three months to recuperate, his schedule has been cleared and his tour will now begin in April. No word yet on the exact commencement date, what city it will start in, or if Fabolous will still open for him.

Fans across the country can still go out and see Usher soon. His long-delayed film, "Texas Rangers," will be released on November 30.

While on the mend, Usher will have plenty of time to contemplate his next single. His label said no follow-up release to the love ditty "U Got It Bad" has been chosen yet.

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