Green Day Offer Preview Of Demos Online

Moody, spare, lo-fi tracks offer glimpse of possible things to come.

Songs such as "Minority" and "Misery" from Green Day's last album, Warning, provided a welcome change of pace from the band's usual brand of melodic mayhem. If rough acoustic demos posted on are any indication, Warning may be remembered as a harbinger of stranger things.

The three tunes, posted under "Recent Headlines" on the site's front page, are untitled and were recorded on a four-track in Armstrong's basement studio.

The first is a stormy punk tune that sounds like the Stooges' "I Wanna Be Your Dog" crossed with Compulsion's "Why Do We Care?" Billie Joe Armstrong's vocals are distorted, and the only decipherable lyric is "I got no love for you," though epithets are audibly sprinkled throughout. During most of the song, Armstrong plays the same insistent, rhythmic four-chord sequence, backed by simple, punchy drums recorded low in the mix.

Track #2 is far more plaintive, featuring a single guitar rhythm with a near-Latin cadence and low-fi, melodic vocals. There are no drums on the track; occasional handclaps color the mood.

The third and final offering is a lethargic country/folk ballad that makes Mazzy Star seem sprightly by comparison. Spare, lugubrious chords and mournful vocals propel the wistful track.

Two other previously unreleased Green Day songs, "Maria" and "Poprocks & Coke," are available in complete form on Green Day's best-of collection, International Superhits!, which was released Tuesday (see "Green Day Ready Singles Set"). A companion video compilation is also available.