Brandy Roars Back At Mr. Wrong On 'What About Us?'

New single, video to drop in December.

Though she's still working on it and it's still untitled, Brandy's new album is really going to come out on February 26, a spokesperson for the singer insisted Thursday. In fact, her first single and the accompanying video are scheduled to drop in December, setting it up.

On the single, called "What About Us?," Brandy roars back at an untrue love. "Why don't you return my calls?" she asks her would-be Mr. Right. "Why you messin' with my mind?/ I can find another guy," she continues.

The cut's producer, Rodney Jerkins, provides manic g-funk, bouncy basslines and effects that sound like metal getting crunched. As Jerkins proclaimed in August, Brandy sounds a little different now (see "Brandy, Rodney Jerkins Hope To Repeat Chemistry"). Her voice is deeper than ever before, adding an extra depth to the chorus, which includes the lines, "What about all the things you said?/ What about the promises you made?/ What about the lies you gave me?"

Her spokesperson said the voice change simply has to do with growing up. Like her fellow pop princess peer, Britney Spears, she's not a little girl anymore. By the time the album drops, Brandy will be 23 (her birthday is February 13).

The video for "What About Us?" hasn't been shot yet, as Brandy's still in the process of choosing a director. She'll have to hurry up and decide, though — her rep said the clip is scheduled to ramp up production within the next two weeks in Los Angeles.