Britney To Talk With U.S. Troops By Satellite During Vegas Special

At Spears' request, HBO to broadcast 'Britney Spears: Live From Las Vegas' on American Forces Radio & Television Service.

What could be more American than Britney Spears dressed as Elvis onstage in

Las Vegas? Britney Spears dressed as Elvis onstage in Las Vegas entertaining U.S. troops.

Spears announced Friday (November 9) she will interact with members of the military via

satellite throughout her November 18 performance at MGM Grand

for the HBO special "Britney Spears: Live From Las Vegas."

Soldiers based at the Marines' Camp Pendleton in California, the San Diego

Naval Station, the Army's Fort Polk in Louisiana and Lackland Air Force Base

in Texas will talk with the pop star during her show.

Spears has requested that HBO allow the American Forces Radio & Television

Service (AFRTS) to broadcast the concert on its AFN-Atlantic and AFN-Pacific

channels at no cost. The service reaches 800,000 U.S. military personnel and

their families in 175 countries and territories, as well as sailors and

Marines aboard U.S. ships at sea.

After the terrorist attacks on September 11, Spears said she would donate $1

from every ticket sold on her current tour to the children who lost a parent

in the tragedy (see "Britney Spears To Raise Money For Children Of WTC

Disaster"). She hoped to contribute to Michael Jackson's "What More Can I Give" benefit single, but said she lost contact with organizers for the project.

Spears was on an airplane on September 11 on the way to Australia for a

promotional tour, which she eventually called off.

"I got off the plane and they told me what happened," Spears recalled

recently. "I didn't understand until I looked at it on the TV. It was like

freakin' 'Independence Day,' like a movie or something. I called my mom as

soon as I could. My brother was in New York. I was really upset about it. I

couldn't be there promoting my record. There was so much petty stuff going

on in my life at the time."

Spears' current tour, which kicked off last week in Columbus, Ohio (see

"Britney Goes Bald, Plays Tiny Dancer, Gets Caught In The Rain At Tour

Kickoff"), heads to Cleveland on Friday.

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