Dr. Dre, Neptunes Arrive Fashionably Late For Busta Rhymes LP

Genesis finally coming out November 27, rapper promises.

First it was August, then September, then October, but now Busta Rhymes says his album Genesis will be out November 27 — for sure this time.

After several delays, Busta has finally completed the project, and he said he hasn't been pushing the album back because he works at a snail's pace — it's because he wants to give his fans the best.

"Number one, I like to record albums to the final, final crunch time pressure, last mile second," he explained. "Second, what ended up happening was a lot of people that I was trying to work with eventually started coming through in the 11th hour. It just made sense not to sell myself short and [to] seize the moment."

Some of those people were the production duo of the Neptunes, who had a hand in Busta's "As I Come Back," currently making the rounds on underground mixtapes, and his summer hit "What It Is." Mel-Man and his mentor Dr. Dre were also high on Busta's list of better-late-than-never contributors.

In two days, Busta recorded one song with Mel and three with Dre, including "Break Ya Neck."

"He's the one that came up with the title for 'Break Ya Neck,' " Busta explained. "He said, 'Yo, look what this beat got us doing in here. We're breaking our necks to it. You should just call this sh-- "Break Ya Neck." ' That's right up my ally. I like making dudes break their necks anyway."

Busta said Dre acted like a modern day Mozart when composing the tracks in the studio.

"It's a strange process 'cause he'll have the foundation of the beat. He gives me a copy of the CD and sends me in another room to write to it. While I'm writing to it, he'll call a couple keyboard players. He'll call a couple guitar players. He'll have like an orchestra going on in the studio, and he'll be sitting around listening to the foundation that he laid, and he'll just start figuring out different melodies.

"He'll tell the keyboard player or whatever — give them the example of the sound from his mouth, humming it, singing it, and they'll play it back," Busta continued. "He'll tell the next dude with the guitar, 'Do this.' He's like an orchestra conductor."

Dre, like P. Diddy, Outkast and the Goodie Mob, made an appearance in the song's high-octane video, which was co-directed by Busta and Hype Williams.

"It took a little while to get it together too, because at one point I couldn't really figure out what I wanted to do to this," he said of the clip. "Based on all the videos I've shot already, it kind of feels like I've done everything. I don't really know what I haven't done yet. So in this video I just wanted to give people something that wasn't so much character-generator oriented, with the million and one special effects. I just wanted take them back to the 'Woo Hah!! [Got You All in Check]' days when it was just a raw performance."