Blink-182 To Show Up On 'Mad TV,' Will 'Stay Together' For Next Video

Band to play misfits in all-American '50s family on sketch comedy show.

The members of Blink-182 may act like they care more about rubber vomit and

whoopee cushions than chart success, but they seem to be making a concerted

effort to boost album sales of their latest disc, Take Off Your Pants and


Just 20 weeks after its #1 debut on the Billboard 200 albums chart, the disc is floating at #124, so the band that once was concerned about over-saturation is now

putting its goofy face forward. First, on November 24 Blink-182 will

appear on a "Mad TV" sketch, though they won't be the musical guest for the

program. The skit will be a parody of "Leave It to Beaver," and will feature

the Blink boys as misfits in an all-American '50s family.

And keep an eye out for the new Blink-182 video, "Stay Together for the Kids," which should finally see the light of day next week. The video, directed by Samuel Bayer (Nirvana, Metallica), had to be completely reshot after the original version — which featured a wrecking ball smashing through the walls of a house where the band was performing — was deemed inappropriate by the group's label. The new version depicts the band playing in a broken-down mansion populated by screaming kids, and conveys the feeling of being in a broken home, Blink-182's publicist said.

In addition, the band continues to promote its biography, "Tales From Beneath

Your Mom," which was written by Blink-182 and Anne Hoppus (sister of bassist and vocalist Mark Hoppus).

And finally, Blink-182 will play at least two holiday radio festivals. On

December 1 the band will perform at Washington, D.C.'s HFSmas Nutcracker,

which will also feature System of a Down, Puddle of Mudd, Nickelback,

Coldplay and Pete Yorn. And on December 15 it will play Detroit's The Night

89X Stole Christmas, which also includes 311, Jimmy Eat World, Adema and the

Crystal Method.

On January 4 Blink-182 will travel to Europe for the tour they postponed

following the September 11 terrorist attacks.

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