Faith Evans Gives Men So Much On New Album

Soulful siren's Faithfully drops Tuesday (November 6).

No wonder Faith Evans gets a little snippy when she sings about a man playing with her emotions on "You Gets No Love." The Newark, New Jersey, native gives them so much.

"She's a lover and a friend," she sings on an interlude off her third album, Faithfully, due in stores Tuesday (November 6). "She'll cook and clean and wash your clothes."

Evans further displays her dream-woman characteristics on the ballad "Do Your Time." Promising to stay true to an incarcerated boyfriend, she offers encouragement via a letter. "I'm writing with sincerity/ Just to make you understand what you mean to me," she croons. "And I can't wait till you come home/ But I need for you to be strong."

She's equally on fire with passion on "Burnin' Up." Singing over the Neptunes' vintage dance-inducing string plucks and drum thumps, Faith pleads with a man she feels is destined to be her soulmate to recognize that they belong together.

"You come with the sweetest thing to say/ And put the sun in my day," she declares as the Neptunes' Pharrell Williams beatboxes on the breakdown. "I really wish you would rescue me." Bad Boy MC Loon — who also appears with P. Diddy on the album version of "You Gets No Love" — uses his conversational flow to drop lines that teeter on the line between conceit and confidence.

Alas, Faith finally catches herself someone to call boo but ends up crying over him after a while. "Love Can't Hide" is a slow jazzy number where the 28-year-old pines away with tears on her pillow after her "dreams of paradise" have been vanquished.

The soulful siren finally triumphs on "Brand New Man." Although she has to shake off some hate by a friend who steals away an ex, she finds happiness with another love interest. How does she persevere? By following her own advice: "If you ever been hurt/ Keep your head up."

In real life, Evans has found happiness with her second husband, Todd Russaw. The couple served as co-executive producers on Faithfully along with P. Diddy (see "Faith Evans Flips Biggie, Studies Ella Fitzgerald For Faithfully").

Faithfully track list, according to Bad Boy:

  • "Intro"

  • "Alone in This World"

  • "You Gets No Love" (featuring P. Diddy and Loon)

  • "Burnin' Up" (featuring Loon)

  • "I Love You"

  • "Everything"

  • "Back to Love"

  • "Faithful"

  • "Do Your Time"

  • "Don't Cry"

  • "Faithfully"

  • "Brand New Man"

  • "Ghetto"

  • "Where We Stand"

  • "Heaven Only Knows"

  • "Love Can't Hide"

  • "Can't Believe" (featuring Carl Thomas)

  • "Love Song"