Erick Sermon Insists He Didn't Try Suicide Last Month

Rapper/producer sticks to record label's initial statement that he was hospitalized due to a car accident September 25.

"There's no window, there's no fall. Get that out of your head," Erick Sermon said with consternation Tuesday about the reports he plunged three stories from a New Jersey apartment window on September 25.

"Hell no," he said, speaking out for the first time since that night. "I didn't fall from nothing like that. I would have been laid up for months and months."

Sermon is sticking to his record label's initial statement that he was hospitalized due to a car accident (see "Erick Sermon In Stable Condition After Car Accident"). J Records later recanted its statement after Paterson, New Jersey, police said their investigation determined that the rapper/producer, who first found fame as part of the duo EPMD, fell from a window and no foul play was involved. That caused police to believe that a suicide attempt was likely (see "Police Say Fall, Not Car Accident, Injured Erick Sermon"). Earlier this month, a spokesperson for the department said police were no longer investigating the case.

"I'm 250 [pounds], I ain't jumping from nothing," Sermon declared. "I just don't get that. This is one of the best times in my life. Me jumping out the window, or trying to commit suicide, I was like 'Are y'all serious?' I'm like 'Yo, where did they get that from?' I just want to say that what they said is not true."

All Sermon will say about the matter is that he crashed his vehicle after coming from a video shoot for his latest single, "I'm Hot."

"I had just finished doing my video, I was excited about that," he said. "I was riding around, just happy and chillin'. Got to Jersey and that was it. Got to the wrong spot where I wasn't supposed to be at. I woke up in the hospital."

On Tuesday, Sermon was at home resting the broken arm he said he suffered on September 25. His label had previously listed a broken jaw and leg among his injuries, but Sermon claims to have only damaged his arm.

He was feeling no pain, however — his LP Music had just been released and he was running on adrenaline.

"I'm fine, man, I'm great," said Sermon, who disclosed that he has to go to therapy once a week for his arm. "Matter of fact, I went last night to the Virgin Megastore. It's exciting. I woke up nine o'clock [this morning], called one of my workers. I was like 'Yo I got a new album out today.' I got 13 years in the game.

"For the first time I'm getting looked at," he said. "EPMD has been an underground group. Even though we was big, it was an underground-type big."