Method Man & Redman Video Mimics Their Movie High Jinks

Clip for 'Part 2,' like their movie 'How High,' features duo causing chaos on a college campus.

NEW YORK — Keeping with the pot, er, um, plot of their upcoming film "How High," Redman and Method Man caused chaos on a college campus last weekend during a video shoot for "Part 2."

"It's a fish-out-of-water tale," Method Man said Saturday of their big-screen comedy. "You have these two guys, Silas and Jamal. One is a street scientist, he makes his own plants. The other lives with his momma."

Silas invents some mean green — marijuana, that is. It enhances the duo's brainpower, and the mayhem starts when they apply to and get accepted into Harvard. Unfortunately, the effects of the stimulus wear off during the school year.

The "Part 2" video, shot by Chris Robinson at a community college in Brooklyn, captures some of the MCs' antics, like getting pulled over by campus police because of smoke coming from their car (and the billows have nothing to do with a faulty tailpipe).

The song was produced by Erick Sermon and features Toni Braxton singing on the chorus. "She was in the studio," Redman said. "We was like, 'Wow, Toni Braxton,' she was like, 'Wow, Red and Meth,' and we put her on there."

They also put Cypress Hill on the movie's soundtrack on the posse cut "Cisco Kid." Meanwhile, newcomer Jonell sings on a remix of "Round & Round," which was originally on Hi-Tek's solo debut, Hi-Teknology. The majority of the album features the greatest hits of Red and Meth as a duo and as solo acts, like "Da Rockwilder," "Bring the Pain" and "All I Need."

"How High," which also stars Lark Voorhies ("Saved by the Bell") and Mike Epps ("Next Friday"), hits theaters on December 26. The soundtrack comes out December 11.

"How High" soundtrack's track listing, according to Def Jam:

  • "Part 2" - Method Man & Redman

  • "Round & Round (remix)"- Jonell & Method Man

  • "Cisco Kid" - Method Man & Redman featuring War and Cypress Hill

  • "America's Most" - Method Man & Redman

  • "Let's Do It" - Method Man & Redman

  • "We Don't No How 2 Act" - Redman

  • "N 2 Gether Now" - Limp Bizkit featuring Method Man

  • "Party Up" - DMX

  • "What's Your Fantasy" - Ludacris featuring Shawna

  • "Da Rockwilder" - Method Man & Redman

  • "Bring the Pain" - Method Man

  • "How to Roll a Blunt" - Redman

  • "All I Need" - Method Man featuring Mary J. Blige

  • "Big Dogs" - Method Man & Redman

  • "How High" - Method Man & Redman