Say It Ain't So: Olsen Twins Cover Weezer

Twins of 'Full House' fame sing with band Empty Trash on 'Island in the Sun.'

It seems everybody wants to pay homage to Weezer these days. Deftones cover them nearly every show. Sugar Ray wrote a song about singer Rivers Cuomo. Now, none other than Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are showing their admiration for the sweater-clad emo-rockers.

The twin teens, who came to fame on the TV show "Full House" and have since scored with a hit home video series, join a new band called Empty Trash on a cover of the recent Weezer single "Island in the Sun."

The song is featured in the Olsens' latest movie, "Holiday in the Sun," and will be available on the soundtrack due November 20, according to the publicist for the record.

Other tracks included on the album are the single "Us Against the World" by Play and "Otherwise" by Australian pop group Noogie.