Michael Jackson Back Onscreen In 'Men In Black 2'

Pop icon will not — repeat not — play space alien in 'Men in Black' sequel.

Anyone who saw the pop icon's performance in his recent long-form video "You Rock My World" may understand why Barry Sonnenfeld recruited him for the director's upcoming science fiction extravaganza "Men in Black 2," which stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. The iconoclastic Jackson will not play a space alien in the sequel, according to a spokesperson for the film.

While neither the film's staff nor Jackson's publicist would reveal what Jackson's role would be, they confirmed that he shot his part Tuesday in Los Angeles.

Jackson has previously graced the silver screen as a young singer in "Free to Be ... You & Me" (1974), the scarecrow in "The Wiz" (1978), a starship captain in Francis Ford Coppola's 3D Disney vehicle "Captain Eo" (1986), a ghoul in "Ghosts" (1997) and himself in "Moonwalker" (1988).

Jackson's Invincible comes out October 30. Trick or treat!