Ja Rule Teaming Up With Steven Seagal For Action Film

'Half Past Dead,' shooting now in Berlin, will be out next year.

Seems like Steven Seagal can't get enough of those Def Jam rhyme spitters.

The ponytailed bootie kicker, who teamed up with DMX earlier this year for his box-office comeback "Exit Wounds," will be seen with X's labelmate Ja Rule in "Half Past Dead" next year. Seagal and Ja Rule are currently shooting the action flick in Berlin, a spokesperson for Screen Gems Pictures said.

In the film, directed by Don Michael Paul, Ja lays the smackdown on some bad guys alongside fellow inmate Seagal. Seagal's jail time is just a cover, though — he's really an FBI agent trying to thwart the plans of a criminal played by Morris Chestnut. Chestnut, who shared scenes with Seagal in 1995's "Under Siege 2: Dark Territory," is trying to get info from a death row inmate who has the 411 on $200 million in gold.

Although the film began production two weeks ago, Screen Gems said Ja just began filming his parts a few days ago. A spokesperson for the current king of the Billboard 200 albums charts said he'll be finished with his scenes the first week in December.

Ja, however, isn't the only MC who'll be in "Half Past Dead." Kurupt has made the trek overseas to be in the film as well, according to Screen Gems.

Fans who can't wait until 2002 to see Seagal in a movie with a Queens, New York, rapper can check out the recently released straight-to-video thriller "Ticker." It features Seagal and Nas as cops and TLC's Chilli as a drug fiend named Lilly.