Jermaine Dupri, Henry Rollins, Kool Moe Dee Uphold The Law In 'New Guy'

Trio play sheriffs in DJ Qualls/Eddie Griffin flick, due November 16.

R&B hitmaker Jermaine Dupri, rock icon Henry Rollins and old-school rapper Kool Moe Dee are a funny-looking trio in any setting. Put them in sheriff's uniforms and give 'em a lil' southern drawl and you've got bona fide comedy.

Dupri, Rollins and Dee are three of a handful of musicians with roles in the upcoming movie "The New Guy," which stars DJ Qualls ("Road Trip") and Eddie Griffin ("Double Take").

"We are three sheriffs at a prison in Austin," Rollins said recently. "They work for me. They are my two burly minions. We are in our tan correctional outfits and cowboy hats and sunglasses. It's really funny."

Former Mötley Crüe drummer and current Methods of Mayhem frontman Tommy Lee and country star Lyle Lovett also appear in the film, which hits theaters November 16, according to Columbia Pictures. Skateboarder Tony Hawk also has a cameo role.

In the film, Qualls plays a nerd who gets expelled and ends up in prison, where his cellmate helps him change his image.

"He meets up with some tough guys and they kind of reinvent him," Rollins explained. "He returns with tattoos and an attitude. He gets the girl and intimidates the jocks and has his day."

Rollins, whose namesake band released Nice in August (see "Rollins Band A Million Miles Away From Creed, 'Artistic Flop' Britney Spears"), has acted in two other films this year: indie thrillers "Scenes of the Crime," with Jeff Bridges and Noah Wyle, and "Past Tense."

"I got to do a really intense cool scene where I kill myself," Rollins said of the latter, which he called "a made-for-3 a.m.-on-Bravo" movie. "It could be the most intense scene I've ever done. A week later the company wanted to give me one of my own movies, but it was a bug movie. Sorry, I have a glass of water to drink that month."

Aside from hosting the Fox series "Night Visions," Rollins has acted in "Heat," "Lost Highway" and "Johnny Mnemonic," among other films.