Train Rerouted To Desert For 'Something More' Video

Label nixes first version of clip, shot around skyscraper.

With their new video for "Something More" nearing completion, Train had to return to the station.

Following the September 11 terrorist attacks that destroyed the World Trade Center, the clip, filmed by director Nick Brandt (Jewel, Moby), was deemed inappropriate by the band's label, since it was mostly shot in and around a skyscraper (see "Train Readying Second Video For 'Drops Of Jupiter' ").

In response, Train clickity-clacked out to the Arizona desert to shoot a performance video miles away from any building over two stories tall. The shoot followed the band's Phoenix show on September 29, the last on their tour with Matchbox Twenty.

The second "Something More" was directed by Marc Smerling, who filmed the band's live DVD (see "Train Keep A-Rollin' With Live DVD, Tour, Single") and has also shot live videos for Sting and Joan Osborne.

The new video features singer Patrick Monahan driving across the desert in an Oldsmobile convertible with all of his worldly belongings crammed into the car. During the road trip, he comes across his bandmates playing various character roles: Guitarist Jimmy Stafford is an ice-cream truck driver; guitarist Rob Hotchkiss plays a guy selling steaks by the roadside; bassist Charlie Colin is a cook; and drummer Scott Underwood plays a mechanic.

As each member brings his possessions into the car, it becomes more and more overcrowded, forcing them to toss items out of the vehicle. Eventually the car breaks down and the band pushes it off a cliff.

Monahan said the video represents the intangible search for something more, and he and his bandmates are thrilled with what they were able to cobble together.

"We all felt it was something positive that happened because of something negative," he said. "It's perfect because it shows such a beautiful part of America. It's kind of nice to see that side of things as opposed to all the negative imagery that's happening or being brought up right now."

The new version of "Something More" should be out by late October.

In two weeks, Train embark on a tour of Europe. The band returns to America at the end of the year and plans to tour here again in the beginning of 2002, Monahan said.

(This story was updated at 6:58 p.m. ET Tuesday, October 9, 2001.)

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