Kittie Shake A Finger At The Greedy In New Video

Band shoots video for first single from new album, Oracle.

U.S. fans will glimpse a streamlined Kittie, officially a three-piece after the departure of guitarist Fallon Bowman, when the video for the first single from their new album premieres later this month. Those in the Southwest, however, can catch the trio prior to that, on a promotional tour beginning October 21.

Singer/guitarist Morgan Lander, bassist Talena Atfield and drummer Mercedes Lander shot the clip for "What I Always Wanted" in Toronto Friday with director Thomas Mignone (Slipknot, Mudvayne), according to the group's publicist. The concept behind the first single off Kittie's second album, Oracle, concerns the self-destructive consequences of greed.

The video centers on a man strolling alongside a lake when he notices a few coins in the shallows. As he picks them up, he sees more coins a few feet away in some deeper water. Then more coins in even deeper water. Before he can stop himself, he's nearly over his head, and the weight of all the change filling his pockets is drawing him under — in effect drowning him in his own greed.

Performance footage will also be mixed in with the conceptual elements. Kittie's record label, Artemis, expects the clip for "What I Always Wanted" to surface on video outlets in late October, the publicist said.

In addition to "What I Always Wanted," which features the band's trademark bloodcurdling roars blended with delicately melodic vocals and heavy, fuzz-drenched riffs, Oracle includes a heavy-handed rendition of "Run Like Hell" that adds menacing tones and a plodding tempo to Pink Floyd's paranoia classic. The follow-up to 1999's Spit is scheduled for release November 13.

Kittie's lineup will be augmented by guitarist Jeff Phillips, the band's guitar tech, when they showcase their new material on a promotional tour starting October 21 in Dallas. Phillips was named as the touring replacement for Fallon Bowman after she parted ways with the band in August (see "Kittie Guitarist Scratched From Lineup"), and so far has performed two shows with the group: one in Vancouver in August and another in Toronto last month.

Kittie's promotional tour itinerary, according to their publicist (venues TBA):

  • 10/21 - Dallas, TX

  • 10/23 - San Antonio, TX

  • 10/25 - Albuquerque, NM

  • 10/27 - Phoenix, AZ

  • 10/29 - Los Angeles, CA

  • 10/31 - Las Vegas, NV

  • 11/2 - San Francisco, CA

  • 11/3 - Portland, OR

  • 11/4 - Seattle, WA

  • 11/7 - Denver, CO

  • 11/11 - Madison, WI

  • 11/14 - Chicago, IL

  • 11/18 - New York, NY

  • 11/20 - Philadelphia, PA

  • 11/21 - Washington, DC

  • 11/23 - Detroit, MI