Best Album, Video, Bellybutton Among Categories For My VH1 Music Awards

Viewers will choose nominees, winners online prior to December 2 airing.

VH1 viewers have spoken. And while they naturally want to know about the year's best album, artist and group, they're also curious about the steamiest video, the most overplayed song and whose bellybutton is sexiest.

The queries are evident in the categories for this year's My VH1 Music Awards, which were announced Tuesday. The interactive awards show lets visitors to select the categories, nominees and eventually the winners for all the awards.

The 15 categories for the second annual awards show range from the obvious — Must-Have Album, Favorite Male/Female Artist, Favorite Group, Favorite Video and Hottest Live Show — to the obscure — Is It Hot in Here or Is It Just My Video?, Your Song Kicked Ass but Was Played Too Damn Much and Navel Academy (Best Bellybutton Appearance), given to whomever's winking midriff stole the spotlight.

Fans began entering their category choices online September 5 (see "Help Wanted: Categories Needed For My VH1 Awards") and will be asked to choose five nominees from each category until October 24. Voting for the actual winners begins November 2 and continues until the awards are presented December 2 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

The My VH1 Music Awards will air live on VH1 December 2 at 9 p.m. ET. The show's host, along with performers and presenters, will be announced later, according to a network spokesperson.

Although the actual nominees haven't been determined, a list of preliminary ones, followed by an "other" box for write-in choices, is presented online to guide fans in their selections. Destiny's Child ("Survivor"), Lifehouse ("Hanging by a Moment"), Shaggy ("It Wasn't Me") and Staind ("It's Been Awhile") seem likely contenders for the Your Song Kicked Ass but Was Played Too Damn Much prize; India.Arie, Gorillaz, Pete Yorn and Ryan Adams stand to lose their underground notoriety with their preliminary nods in Best Kept Secret category; and Gwen Stefani, Incubus' Brandon Boyd, Britney Spears and Mark McGrath are among those with the niftiest navels.

Other categories include Welcome to the Big Time (an honor Creed took home last year), Damn I Wish I Wrote That! (Song of the Year), Best Actor in a Video and There's No "I" in Team (Best Collaboration).

A complete list of categories and preliminary nominations can be found at