Sum 41 At Work On Sum More Melodic Songs

Band to appear on 'Saturday Night Live' on October 6, concluding tour on Halloween.

Nearly everything goes by in a blur for Sum 41. Their music is fast and furious, with many songs clocking in at under three minutes. In just two years, the band has released the EP Half Hour of Power (2000) and the LP All Killer No Filler (2001). It has also toured with one high-power act after another, including the Offspring, Blink-182 and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Sum 41's second video, "In Too Deep," is about to debut and on October 6 they're scheduled to appear on "Saturday Night Live."

As if that weren't enough, the band is also working on its next album, which it hopes to release next year. Sum 41 have six new songs written and ideas percolating for many more.

"The next album will be a little bit different," said guitarist/vocalist Deryck Whibley (aka Bizzy D). "We're not just gonna repeat All Killer No Filler. There's a little more melody. Some of the songs are slower and some are faster, but it will definitely sound like Sum 41."

Whibley said Sum 41 plan to enter the studio when they finish touring. In the wake of last week's tragedy, the band bowed out of the final week of its opening spot on Blink-182's tour. "This difficult decision was based primarily on the band's desire to be at home with their families at this trying time of instability and uncertainty," a posting on Sum 41's Web site states.

The group's first headlining tour will kick off next month and runs through Halloween. On November 5 the band is scheduled to fly to Germany for four shows culminating in Düsseldorf on November 12.