Dream Theater Pull Cover, I Am The World Trade Center Shorten Name

Bands make alterations out of respect for survivors of September 11 attacks.

Tuesday's attacks on the World Trade Center continue to reverberate in unpredictable ways, with some artists deciding to change their album art — and in one case, their name — out of sensitivity to a world still in shock from the events.

Elektra Records has recalled copies of Dream Theater's Live Scenes From New York, which features artwork portraying the New York skyline and World Trade Center towers engulfed in flames.

The label said the cover art, which also includes a "big apple" wrapped in barbed wire, was completed months before the disc's release Tuesday. "The timing of the release of the CD happening on the very same day as the tragedy is a regrettable coincidence," the label said in a statement. "The Elektra Entertainment Group and Dream Theater apologize for any offense."

A new cover will be manufactured and distributed, the label said.

New York indie electronic duo I Am the World Trade Center are shortening their name to I Am The ..., at least temporarily. "The twin towers represented many things to us, their giant presence on the skyline reminded us every day of what an amazing and overwhelming place we are living in," group member Daniel Geller said in a statement. "Also, the two towers, equal and independent yet still one entity, are a metaphor for the relationship Amy [Dykes] and I have developed both personally and professionally."

The duo also will donate a portion of the proceeds from their debut album, Out of the Loop, to the United Way's September 11th Fund. "The name and symbol will still live with us and we hope that one day we can use our entire name, which we are so proud of," Geller said, adding that the group is shortening its name out of respect for those who lost so much in the tragedy.

Within hours of the attack, anticapitalist rappers the Coup pulled the album art for Party Music, due November 6. The original art showed group member "Boots" Riley holding a detonator in front of an exploding World Trade Center (see "Destiny's Child, Janet Jackson, Pantera, Others Cancel, Postpone Concerts").