Mariah Carey's Glitter Kicks It '80s Style

Singer's latest LP revisits songs from Cherelle, Tom Browne.

Mariah Carey fans will get the chance to focus on something other than the singer's mental well-being — her music — when the long-delayed soundtrack to her film "Glitter" drops Tuesday.

As she said in June (see "Mariah Carey: Under Pressure"), the album captures the musical feel of the movie's 1982 setting.

"There are songs that are definitely going to take people back and make them go, 'Oh, man, this song from the '80s — I loved it growing up,' " she said. "Or people who never heard the songs before might be like, 'This is cool.'

"When you see the movie, you're gonna see the uptempo songs and the songs that are remakes in there as they would have sounded in the '80s," she continued. "But the album is the way that I would make the record now, and the ballads can stand on their own as songs from a Mariah Carey album."

Make no mistake, while Carey's smiling grill is plastered on the album's cover, and it's being marketed more as a solo LP than a soundtrack, the singer called on quite a few of her friends to combine new and old-school vibes.

Besides the bevy of microphone bandits that perform on Glitter's first single, the remix to "Loverboy," and Ja Rule, who performs with Nate Dogg on "If We," Carey called on Busta Rhymes, Fabolous and Mystikal.

Busta and Fab join in on the DJ Clue and Duro-produced cover of "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life." Clue, who refers to Carey as "Wilma M. Holla" (Clue goes by the alias William M. Holla), provides a grittier bassline than the original; Fab rhymes, and Busta, who ad libs throughout, tells Mariah to lay the "smackdown" on listeners.

"Didn't Mean to Turn You On" is a remake of a 1984 Cherelle hit penned and produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and later covered by Robert Palmer.

"Oh I told you twice," Carey sings, "I was only trying to be nice/ Only trying to be nice/ Sooooooo, I didn't mean to turn you on." Meanwhile, Jam and Lewis, who co-produced Carey's version of the song along with the singer, use keyboards and synthesizers instead of just sampling.

"Don't Stop (Funkin' 4 Jamaica)" is an uptempo reworking of Tom Browne's 1980 track. Guest star Mystikal dominates the song by rhyming three verses. "Ain't nothin' you could do with the man/ Except for shake your ass and clap your hands," he declares. Mariah spryly sings, "Don't stop bay-beee, its ex-ta-see/ Turn me up a little," on the hook.

Eric Benét sings with Carey about "exploring fantasies" on "Want You." For the ballad "Twister," apparently a chronology of her movie character Billie Frank's life, Carey takes the solo route.

"She was kind of fragile/ She had a lot to grapple with/ But basically kept it all inside," she sings lightly.

Glitter track list, according to Virgin Records:

  • "Loverboy" (Remix)

  • "Lead the Way"

  • "If We"

  • "Didn't Mean to Turn You On"

  • "Don't Stop (Funkin' 4 Jamaica)" (featuring Mystikal)

  • "All My Life"

  • "Reflections (Care Enough)"

  • "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life" (featuring Fabolous and Busta Rhymes)

  • "Want You" (featuring Eric Benet)

  • "Never Too Far"

  • "Twister"

  • "Loverboy"