Love Shopping Bastard Demo, Looking For New Bandmates

Femme supergroup project now down to Hole frontwoman and drummer Patty Schemel.

Nearly six months after announcing the formation of female rock supergroup Bastard, Courtney Love said the project has dwindled down to just her and former Hole drummer Patty Schemel. And Love might end up going solo, even though that's not how she wants it.

Bastard began in March with Love and Schemel joined by Veruca Salt guitarist Louise Post and former Rockit Girl bassist Gina Crosley (see "Courtney Love Unveils Lineup Of Femme-Punk Project Bastard"). But personalities clashed and, by the time Bastard began recording a demo late this summer, Post and Crosley bailed to work together on the new Veruca Salt album.

"I had some problems with some of the ladies and I don't want to talk about that, and I hope they don't want to talk about it either," Love said Thursday. Post's only comment on her departure cited "unhealthy and unprofessional working conditions."

Love and Schemel finished the demo, which Love described as combining Led Zeppelin with the Velvet Underground. "I'm not trying to do a real pop-rock record again, because I did that," Love said. "[The demo is] really raw and really rock and really personal. I don't write songs about the business or deconstruct celebrity; they're more emotional, internal songs."

While she maintains her desire to form an all-female band, Love said she's had a hard time finding the right musicians. "I have really high standards, and it's not a joke anymore," Love said. "I love Kittie, but it needs to be Zeppelin-level. And if we can't kick Fred Durst's ass, I don't want to do it. I'm not happy unless it's going to be f---ing great."

Love just returned from Japan, where she auditioned musicians without selecting anyone to replace Post and Crosley. Though she said she's thrilled to have Schemel back in the fold, Love indicated that if she can't assemble an all-female Bastard, she might pursue a solo career.

"My feeling is the more, the merrier in terms of girls, but it's hard," Love said.

In the meantime, Love is embroiled in a lawsuit with Geffen Records, which sued Hole for breach of contract. Love filed a countersuit earlier this year (see "Courtney Love Continues To Pursue Geffen In Court").

As for Veruca Salt, Post said she and Crosley have written 20 songs together and hope to have a new album out by summer 2002.