Mariah Carey Reportedly Under Psychiatric Care Again

Troubled singer/actress cancels September 14 'Tonight Show' appearance.

With a major newspaper reporting Thursday (September 6) that Mariah Carey is back under psychiatric care, the singer/actress pulled out of yet another public appearance, canceling a September 14 performance on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno," according to her spokesperson, Cindi Berger.

Berger would not comment on a front-page New York Daily News story that said Carey had been admitted to the UCLA Medical Center's psychiatric wing in Los Angeles. The News report cited unnamed sources. A spokesperson for the hospital would not confirm that Carey is undergoing treatment there, citing the facility's patient-confidentiality policy.

An NBC spokesperson said the network is negotiating a rescheduled "Tonight Show" date with Carey.

Carey spent time in a Connecticut treatment facility after a physical and emotional breakdown in July that delayed the release of her upcoming album and film, both titled "Glitter." The album is due out Tuesday, with the movie to follow on September 21.

A 20th Century Fox spokesperson said no premiere date has been set for the film. "We're in a holding pattern and we're trying to accommodate Mariah's needs," the spokesperson said.

Earlier this week, Carey postponed an interview with ABC's "20/20" (see "Mariah Carey Puts Off Talk With Barbara Walters").

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