'Dance For Me' Video Introduces 112 Stomp

R&B quartet bust out new moves in Terry Heller-directed clip.

Don't look for deep and meaningful symbolism in 112's "Dance for Me" video when it hits airwaves soon. While shooting the clip in New Jersey last month with director Terry Heller during a break from Janet Jackson's All for You tour, Q, Mike, Slim and Daron explained what the video is really about.

"The story is self-explanatory," said Q. "The song is titled 'Dance With Me.' You know, you see a girl from across the club and you want to get with her. You want to know if she has plans for afterward. 'Can we hook up?' It's a party. It's about having a good time."

The group said to expect more of the slick dance moves seen in their most recent videos, "It's Over Now" and "Peaches & Cream."

"The four of us do what we've become known for: our choreography," Q said. "We're killing it."

"We brought another dance that hopefully will catch on," disclosed Slim of the move they call the 112 Stomp. "It's a real fly dance and y'all going to like it. It's off the chain."

Which raises a topic that sets off a playful argument: Who has the best moves?

"At certain times each of us is the best dancer," said Q. "'Cause say for instance I catch on to a dance faster than the rest of them. Then Daron may say, 'Q, show me that.'"

"Why you got to be the one to catch on first?" Mike asked his groupmate jokingly.

"I don't want to be in this group no more," chimed in Slim with a laugh.

Mike and Slim also team up against the group's other half while on tour.

"We have a war going on between our two buses," Mike explained. "Q and Daron are real clean, and their bus just be so pretty and clean. Me and Slim's bus is the thug bus."

"After our show, Q and Daron will be watching Janet and we'll run on their bus and mess it up," continued Mike. "We be tearing up everything and unplugging all kinds of stuff. We be taking potato chips."