Mariah Carey Puts Off Talk With Barbara Walters

Singer 'needs more time to rest,' her spokesperson said.

Mariah Carey won't be sitting down with Barbara Walters next week after all.

The singer has postponed her September 12 "20/20" interview because she's still recovering from the physical and emotional breakdown she suffered in July, according to her publicist, Cindi Berger.

"Mariah needs more time to rest," Berger said Wednesday (September 5). No new date has been set.

Mariah has raised her public profile ever so slightly in the past two weeks, paying a visit to a summer camp she helps fund, and posting a cheery voice message on her official Web site (see "Mariah Carey Comes Out Of Seclusion Following Breakdown").

She has not yet resumed promoting her upcoming album and movie, both called "Glitter." The album is due September 11, with the film to follow September 21 (see "Mariah Carey's Album Release Delayed Three Weeks").

The projects were pushed back three weeks after the singer was hospitalized in a psychiatric clinic. Berger said Carey's continuing recovery will not affect the new release dates.

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