Britney Spears Taking O-Town On Tour

Pop group likely to open for Spears on all dates, beginning October 26 in Miami.

Britney Spears apparently got the message behind O-Town's new single — "We

Fit Together."

Spears has enlisted the "Making the Band" stars for the opening slot on her

fall tour, according to a spokesperson at O-Town's label, J Records.

The boys are scheduled for all of Spears' announced dates (see "Britney Was

'Nervous' Recording With Justin") so far, and will likely be included on the

entire tour, their spokesperson said. Other acts have not been announced.

O-Town, whose two-year career has been documented by ABC's "Making the

Band," recently re-released their self-titled debut album to include their

new single, "We Fit Together," which also appears on the "Dr. Dolittle 2"

soundtrack (see "O-Town Say New Single Is Good 'Fit' "). When O-Town

was released in January, the album entered at #5 on the Billboard

200 albums chart. It has since sold over a million copies, according to SoundScan.

The group's spokesperson was not sure if an ABC film crew would be following

the band during the Spears tour.

Unlike other teen pop acts, two of O-Town's five members, Ashley Parker

Angel and Jacob Underwood, play live instruments during their concerts.

Erik-Michael Estrada, Dan Miller and Trevor Penick round out the lineup.

Britney Spears/O-Town tour dates, according to J Records:

  • 10/26 - Miami, FL @ TBA

  • 10/27 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ TBA

  • 10/28 - Tampa, FL @ TBA

  • 10/31 - Washington, DC @ TBA

  • 11/1 - Columbus, OH @ TBA

  • 11/2 - Pittsburgh, PA @ TBA

  • 11/5 - Toronto, ON @ TBA

  • 11/7 - Uniondale, NY @ TBA

  • 11/8 - University Park, PA @ TBA

  • 11/9 - Cleveland, OH @ TBA