Eminem Performance Halted Due To Crowd Crush

Fans surge toward the stage at Scotland's Gig on the Green; eleven people treated at hospitals.

Eminem's headlining performance at a Scottish festival on Saturday was

halted for 30 minutes while security pulled 45 injured fans from the surging


Police asked the rapper and his group, D12, to temporarily leave the stage

so they could restore order at the Gig on the Green event in Glasgow,

according to the Associated Press. None of the injuries was serious.

Eleven people were treated at local hospitals and released, police told the

AP. The others were treated at tents around the outdoor concert site.

Eminem was 15 minutes into his set when he was asked to stop performing.

During the 30-minute break, he pleaded with the crowd to stop surging. He

was then allowed to finish his set.

"Eminem and his band did all they could to help the situation and we are

grateful for his support," a spokesman for Strathclyde police told the


Glasgow's two-day Gig on the Green attracted 30,000 people on its first

day (August 25). Religious groups protested outside the festival over what

they called the "anti-Christian message" of headliners Marilyn Manson and

Eminem, the AP reported.