Nelly's Latest '#1' Is Dedicated To The Haters

'Two is not a winner, and three no one remembers,' he reminds his critics on new single.

Next time Nelly yells his signature "uh oh!" it might not be because he's trying to figure out where the party's at — it may be because he's mad.

On his new single, "#1," the first offering from the "Training Day" soundtrack, Nelly lashes out at haters, biters and people who say his music isn't "real hip-hop."

"You better watch who you talking about, running around like you know me," he warns. Nelly later goes on to blast "rappers emulating my style right to the 'down, down'" and sings, "two is not a winner, and three no one remembers" on the chorus.

Monday evening before the Source Hip-Hop Music Awards in Miami, Nelly said people forced his hand.

"No controversy at all. We ain't trying to take nothing from nobody," Nelly explained, "we just don't want nobody taking nothing from us. We got a lot of people trying to discredit us for the things we've done. '#1' is to let you know we did what we had to do — don't hate on us. We didn't step on nobody to get to where we're at."

Nelly will begin shooting the clip's video with director Steve Carr in Las Vegas on Monday. The "Training Day" soundtrack hits stores September 11, and the movie hits theaters September 21.

The "Training Day" soundtrack's track listing, according to Priority Records:

  • C-Murder and Trick Daddy - "Watch the Police"

  • Golden State Project - "Bounce With Golden State"

  • The LOX - "Dirty Ryders"

  • Snoop Dogg - "I Can't Take It"

  • Cypress Hill featuring Kokane - "Greed"

  • Tupac featuring the Outlawz - "Letters to the President"

  • Gang Starr - "The Squeeze"

  • Clipse featuring the Neptunes - "Guns N' Roses"

  • Krumbsnatcha featuring M.O.P. - "Wolves"

  • P. Diddy and David Bowie - "American Dream"

  • Napalm - "Crooked Cops"

  • Roscoe - "Training Day (In My Hood)"

  • Pharoahe Monch - "Fuó"

  • Dr. Dre - "Cops DR2"

  • Soldier B - "Protect Your Head"

  • W.C. - "Assault & Battery"

  • Nelly - "#1"