Police Shut Down D12 Video Shoot Temporarily

Ice-T, Fat Joe, Juvenile guest in 'Fight Music' clip directed by Marc Klasfield.

With help from Ice-T and Fat Joe, D12 staged a chase scene through the streets and subway terminals of New York over the weekend for their "Fight Music" video.

Taking off from the 1979 film "The Warriors," Eminem and his crew of fellow Detroit MCs tear through the Big Apple to escape rival rappers, goth-rockers and pro-censorship politicians angry at them for endangering the music industry.

"D12 have a bad reputation for destroying the game for everybody else," director Marc Klasfeld (Sum 41, Alien Ant Farm, Nelly) said Wednesday. "All these different gangs, including some musical gangs, patrol the streets of New York to find them."

In "The Warriors" a Coney Island gang fingered for a Bronx murder tries to make its way home with every cop and rival gang in New York on its trail. Ice-T assumes the role of gang leader Cyrus, while Fat Joe and Royce Da 5'9" are gangstas who look to him for guidance.

D12 had their own troubles with New York police during the shoot. Officials shut down the outdoor set Saturday night in the Bronx, forcing the crew to find a private location to shoot Sunday. An NYPD spokesperson said D12 were sent home because they lacked the proper permit. Klasfeld claimed they had the correct permit, but a police sergeant revoked it, citing Eminem's involvement as his reason.

"They made a bullsh-- excuse that they didn't know that Eminem was in D12 when they were clearly informed all along that he was," Klasfeld said. "It was Saturday night, we were in the middle of the most remote section of New York in the Bronx, everything was done legally by the books, there was no crowd. He shut it down and revoked our permit for really no reason other than disliking rap music and some experiences he had with other productions."

Klasfeld said the mayor's office reinstated D12's permit for Monday night after reviewing the situation.

The "Fight Music" clip also features a cameo by Angie Martinez. Juvenile hung out at the shoot but was not caught on camera, Klasfeld said.

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