Missy Elliott Joins Princess Trina's Court

Unapologetic Miami rapper also teams with Jagged Edge on October-due LP.

Obviously, someone who would call herself (and her first album) Da Baddest B***h wouldn't take orders from anyone. So when Trina's second LP, Diamond Princess, drops in October, people will hear the results of her studio shot-calling.

"It's more me," Trina said of the LP. "I have much more input. I have say-so of the songs I pick, the beats, the people I work with. Before, it was just done for me, because I was new. This time I voiced my opinions more. I was excited about that."

The Miami native said you can also expect to hear even more of her unapologetic subject matter.

"It's sexy," she said. "It's reality a woman can deal with. I have a song called 'Nasty Chick.' [I have] a song called 'No Panties Coming Off,' which Missy [Elliott] produced and [performs on]. Her artist Tweet is singing on it. I also have a song called 'Party Don't Stop' featuring Jagged Edge."

Trina said her record with J.E. may be the first single and that she also called in favors from Ludacris, Eve and Da Brat, whom she has guest-starred on songs for. Timbaland and Rockwilder are among the producers who made contributions.