Dupri Has Instructions For Those Who Think Ice Age Is Over

Guests on second album include Jagged Edge, U.G.K., Da Brat, Nate Dogg.

After working as a producer, songwriter, label CEO, rapper and a backup dancer for Whodini, Jermaine Dupri will tell you in a heartbeat that he deserves his prosperous life.

So on his new album, Instructions, due this fall, he's not going to be apologetic about building up his riches or about what he does with his greenbacks.

"I just kind of took off where 'Money Ain't a Thang' left off," he explained. "It's picking up from that era, at a time when everybody thinks 'Bling Bling' is over."

Well, if talking about ice and girls isn't en vogue, JD is in his own little time warp. Instructions features songs on which Dupri brags about his "money, hos and power." He does more than 100 miles per hour in his Bentley, engages in freaky lovemaking with models and, if tested, he'll smack you in the face with one of his wads of cash.

"I named it Instructions because there are people that are curious, furious and don't understand how I keep coming back with hit records over and over again," he said. "Instructions is a record where people will run to see if it has the ingredients in there to tell them how I continue to keep doing what I'm doing."

To help cook up his playafied stew, he called on a host of friends — just as he did on his solo debut, Jermaine Dupri Presents: Life in 1472 — but he insists on not being a guest on his own project.

"It's not a compilation. I'm on every song," he said. "It's more me than it was on the last record. I [also] wanted to make sure that I created and came up with a new list of stars and artists."

Among the newjacks JD recruited are the Field Mob, R. Kelly's protégés Boo and Gotti, and some of his own So So Def rappers. Meanwhile established acts such as Jagged Edge, U.G.K., Da Brat and Nate Dogg also appear on the album.

Dupri uses current lyrical champion Jadakiss and up-and-coming wordsmith Freeway on the first single, "Hate Blood."

"It's basically about people hatin' and not knowing it's a contagious disease," Dupri said. "The disease to hate stuff that's good and to be saying stuff is bad for no reason. A lot of people don't even pay attention to the fact that they're doing it. You ever just watch a video with somebody and they gotta find something wrong with the video? They just can't sit and watch the video and say, 'Oh, it's hot,' knowing it's a hot video."

Dupri is hoping the song's clip, which was shot last week in Los Angeles, won't get any jeers. Last month he disclosed that he'll be taking a cue from a certain rock group when making the video.

"Tool, I'm sorry," he said, "but I'm definitely inspired by [the video for 'Schism,'] and you will see something in there that reminds y'all of your video."

Dupri said his video won't be as far out as Tool's but will definitely be profound.

"I'm 'a go inside the vein," he said. "Something like that Tool video but on the rap side. Something stimulating to make you say, 'God, what the hell is this?' It's about hate in your blood, and I feel people got people inside of their veins like the devil, and that's what you gonna see."

He also said people will see Lil' Bow Wow's second album before the end of the year.

"His new album is coming out around Thanksgiving. It's called Doggy Bag. I'm trying to sell 500,000 with Bow his first week. We haven't finished it yet — we just started working on it."