Mariah Carey Hasn't Shot New Video, But One's Coming Anyway

Video for next single, 'Never Too Far,' assembled using footage from Carey's movie, 'Glitter.'

Mariah Carey hasn't been in any shape to shoot a video recently, but there's a new one coming anyway.

A video assembled using footage from Carey's movie, "Glitter," will accompany "Never Too Far," the second single from her upcoming Glitter album, according to a spokesperson for Virgin Records.

Carey is recovering from what her spokesperson said was "a physical and emotional breakdown" that left her hospitalized in a psychiatric clinic for two weeks and caused her to cancel all public appearances. Last week, release dates for her movie and album were pushed back to September (see "Mariah Carey's Album Release Delayed Three Weeks").

Carey is "doing great," spokesperson Cindi Berger said Monday (August 13). She again declined to predict when the singer might be able to return to work, however.

The "Never Too Far" video will include footage of Carey's character in the movie performing the single onstage, according to Virgin. Carey plays a troubled singer in early '80s New York.

"Never Too Far," an adult-contemporary, slow-jam love song that boasts an emotive performance from Carey, bears little resemblance to the first single from Glitter, the sample-fueled dance track "Loverboy."

"Too painful to talk about it, so I hold it in/ So my heart can mend and be brave enough to love again," Carey sings on "Never Too Far" over a bed of synthesized strings, gentle drums and Spanish-style guitar.

Virgin has already released the "Never Too Far" video, and has begun promoting the single, according to a label spokesperson. There are no plans yet for a commercial release of the single, the spokesperson said.

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