Incubus Name New Album, Plan Video, Tour

Band to release Morning View October 23; "Wish You Were Here" named first single.

TINLEY PARK, Illinois — Incubus have named their upcoming album Morning View, after the street on which they recorded it, guitarist Mike Einziger said Wednesday.

Due October 23, the album will feature a blend of styles similar to their

breakthrough 1999 release, Make Yourself.

"It's really musically diverse, but it's not like a patchwork quilt with

tons of pieces put together. It's pretty seamless," Einziger said backstage

at the Area:One festival. "There are some very heavy moments, and there are

some very melodic, beautiful moments on the record. There's everything from

the entire spectrum of sound incorporated into it."

The first single from Morning View will be "Wish You Were Here,"

which the band has been playing on the Area:One tour. Other new tracks

include "Warning," "Nice," "Circles" and "11 am."

" 'Wish You Were Here' was one of the last songs we wrote for the record,"

said Einziger, who recently bought a Malibu, California, home near the house where they

recorded the album. "The content is about being happy living for the moment

and not looking forward to the future as some event."

Incubus, whose single "Drive" has been a staple of modern-rock radio most of

the year, are tossing around ideas for a video for "Wish You Were Here," which

they will shoot next month. "We usually cram all of the shooting and

everything into one 24-hour day and it's worked well, so maybe we'll do that

again," Einziger said.

The California rockers are also planning an extensive North American tour

from September to December.

"We never did a proper headlining tour behind Make Yourself, so we're

excited," Einziger said. "Half will be before the record comes out, the

other half will be after. And we're going to play really cool venues. In

places where we can play much bigger venues, we opted to play two nights at

a smaller venue."

Incubus will be bringing various L.A. bands on the road with them, including

TheStart (see "Snot, Human Waste Project Members Arrive At TheStart"), Hoobastank and One Side Zero. "We want to help some of our friends out and get them in front of our audience," Einziger said.

Before heading out on their own, the band will play the Rolling Rock

Festival in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, on August 4 (see "STP, Live To Headline

Rolling Rock Town Fair").