Maxwell's Now Is The Time For Love, Lust And Loss

Singer supporting new album by touring with Alicia Keys in August.

Maxwell is a staunch believer in living for the moment — hence the name of his new LP, Now.

Due August 21, the album finds the neo-soulman partying, analyzing his life's missteps and, of course, falling in and out love while exuding sex appeal.

The ballad "Lifetime," the second single off the album, features Maxwell in despair over a relationship, gingerly singing, "No use in hoping that you come rescue me" and realizing that he's in danger of leading an empty life without love.

He finds himself further in the bowels of love-jones fallout on "Was My Girl." Here, a confused and dejected Maxwell gets kicked to the curb and tells his heartbreaker to "Turn the lights down low, there's something you gotta see/ Gotta let you know all that's here in me."

The title track is a jam session in which the New York native just wants everyone to have a good time. The first third of the nearly six-minute track is a straight instrumental that sounds like the theme to a '70s blaxploitation film.

On "Temporary Nite," Maxwell contemplates giving in to his passionate fantasies over a muddy midtempo funk groove.

"You persist with all that shaking. What you expect me to do?" he asks his lady. Then he goes on to sing, "I been misbehaving. I been thinking nasty thoughts about you. I never said I was an angel. Who could be as fine as you?"

Listeners should be forewarned, however, that Maxwell plays a trick on his fans. According to his spokesperson, the CD skips from track one to three because there is no track two.

Maxwell will begin his 14-city tour with a show on August 13 in New York (his first seven dates are in the Big Apple) and will be joined by opener Alicia Keys the next day.

Now's track listing, according to Maxwell's spokesperson:

  • "Get to Know Ya"

  • "Lifetime"

  • "Was My Girl"

  • "Changed"

  • "No One"

  • "For Lovers Only"

  • "Temporary Nite"

  • "Silently"

  • "Symptom Unknown"

  • "This Woman's Work"

  • "Now/At the Party"