Snoop's Latest Thizzle Is Designing Shoes

Rapper's basketball sneakers to be manufactured by Dada Footwear.

He may "stay on point like Stacey Adams," but Snoop Dogg will be doing his Crip-walking in his own line of sneakers for Dada Footwear from now on.

According to Dada's vice president of marketing, Carlos Parrott, Snoop's basketball shoes are scheduled to hit the market in October and will be called Thizzlez. "Thizzle" is slang for "thing" (as in "Somebody does their thing, and Snoop does his thizzle").

"We wanted to expand [our footwear line] and take it to athletic performance," Parrott said. "By utilizing an artist of Snoop's caliber we can get the word out faster. Plus, he's a year 'round playa and he plays basketball. He's got love for the game."

Snoop, who has a regulation-size b-ball court in his back yard, already has a clothing line called Snoop Dogg Clothing, or SDC.

Parrott said Snoop helped design the Thizzlez, which will be gray, white and blue. Future pairs will be featured in different colors, but all will be a high-top design.

Dada also sells a shoe called SoleSonicForce, named after hip-hop forefathers Afrika Bambaataa & the Soul Sonic Force. No doubt Snoop loves those sneakers as well — they've got hydraulics, just like his '64 lowriders.