Durst May Work With Fincher On Mob Film

Variety links Limp Bizkit singer with movie written by Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist.

Fred Durst may prefer "Wanna-Be" to "Runt."

No, they aren't nicknames — they're the films vying with "Life Without Joe" to be the Limp Bizkit singer's big-screen directorial debut.

Durst, who has directed music videos for Bizkit and Korn, has committed in the past to "Runt" and "Life Without Joe," though he did not say which he would do first.

Now Variety has him linked to "Wanna-Be," a fictional children-of-the-mob drama written by late Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper columnist Mike McAlary.

The movie trade magazine reported that Durst would work on the film with his directing mentor David Fincher ("Fight Club"), similar to his plans for "Runt." Actors Paul Walker ("The Fast and the Furious") and Scott Caan ("Boiler Room") are in negotiations to star in the $30 million film.

"Wanna-Be" may begin shooting in October, according to Variety. Durst said earlier this year he would begin "Runt" or "Life Without Joe" in the fall (see "Dispatch From Durstland: Puddle Of Mudd Vid, 'Movie Thing' Imminent").

Spokespeople for Durst did not return phone calls.