Jay-Z Trial Date Moved Again

Busy schedule of one of Jay-Z's lawyers is to blame for postponement.

Jay-Z won't have to face his months-old assault charges until at least September 5, a judge ruled Monday.

In the latest of a long series of delays in the case, a new possible trial date has been set for that day, according to a spokesperson for the Manhattan district attorney's office.

Once again, the busy schedule of one of Jay-Z's lawyers, Murray Richman, is to blame for the postponement — he's handling an unrelated trial in the Bronx, according to both sides of the case (see "Jay-Z Assault Case Postponed Until Mid-July").

Jay-Z, who maintains his innocence, is accused of stabbing record executive Lance "Un" Rivera during a nightclub dispute on December 1, 1999.

The rapper is also scheduled to appear in court October 16 for a hearing on unrelated gun charges that arose when police allegedly found a weapon in his bodyguard's waistband outside a New York nightclub in April (see "Jay-Z Says He's '100 Percent Innocent' After Arraignment").