Bob Dylan's Love and Theft Coming In September

Album offers 11 new songs as well as 'Mississippi,' which Sheryl Crow recorded for The Globe Sessions.

Bob Dylan will continue his career renaissance with the September 11 release of Love and Theft, his first album since 1997's Grammy-winning Time Out of Mind.

The legendary singer/songwriter, who also scored an Oscar this year for "Things Have Changed" from the "Wonder Boys" soundtrack, will offer 11 new songs as well as "Mississippi," which Sheryl Crow recorded for her 1998 album, The Globe Sessions, according to Dylan's official Web site.

Dylan recorded the album with his touring band, which includes guitarist Charlie Sexton and multi-instrumentalist and musical director Larry Campbell, along with bassist Tony Garnier and drummer David Kemper (see "Bob Dylan Hitting State Fair Circuit [And Other Venues Too] In August").Texas keyboard player Auggie Myers, who played on Time Out of Mind, also appears on the set.

"All the songs are variations on the 12-bar theme and blues-based melodies," Dylan told USA Today. "The music here is an electronic grid, the lyrics being the sub-structure that holds it all together."

In typically cryptic Dylan fashion, he told the newspaper the disc reminds him of a greatest hits album, "without the hits; not yet, anyway."

Love and Theft track list, according to

  • "Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum"

  • "Mississippi"

  • "Summer Days"

  • "Bye and Bye"

  • "Lonesome Day Blues"

  • "Floater"

  • "Highwater (for Charlie Patton)"

  • "Moonlight"

  • "Honest With Me"

  • "Po' Boy"

  • "Cry Awhile"

  • "Sugar Baby"