Ministry Going 'Over-The-Top Hard' On Next LP

Industrial duo have written nine songs for new album, will enter studio soon.

Fresh from their foray into science fiction in "A.I. Artificial Intelligence," Ministry plan to return to reality by recording an "over-the-top hard" new studio album, their first since 1999's Dark Side of the Spoon.

Founder Al Jourgensen and his partner, Paul Barker, plan to enter the studio soon to begin recording the album, for which they've already written nine songs.

Though Dark Side of the Spoon found the industrial rock act experimenting with new — and occasionally less aggressive — sounds, the duo said recently that they want their next album to evoke Ministry at its hardest, as on 1989's The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste.

"This is gonna be more along the lines of Ministry retro," Jourgensen said. "This is really gonna beat you over the head."

Barker said that he had set strict parameters for the new album: "We want to have songs that are less than four minutes long, faster than 140 BPM and have Al sing on them."

The duo declined to predict when they might be finished with the album. "The second I put a date on it, it's guaranteed to go out the window, so I've learned to shut my mouth," Jourgensen said.

Last month, Ministry released the 13-track hits collection Greatest Fits, which included "What About Us?," the track they recorded for "A.I." (see "Steven Spielberg Nabs Ministry For 'A.I.' Flesh Fair").

Jourgensen and Barker, the only permanent members of Ministry, said that they hope to tour behind the hits album in the fall — but not as headliners.

"Basically, what we're interested in doing is to try and get a support slot so that we can play in front of people who wouldn't normally come to see us," Barker said. "If that doesn't happen, who knows what we'll do — maybe we'll just hole up in the studio."

Ministry have parted ways with their label, Warner Bros. Records, Barker said. He didn't detail their future label plans.