Sevendust Harbor Hard Feelings On Animosity

Songs on third album include "Leech," "Trust," "Crucified."

Atlanta rockers Sevendust have settled on Animosity as the title of their third album, which is expected to surface in late October.

Songs slated to appear on the follow-up to 1999's Home include "Leech," "Trust," "Crucified," "Follow" and "Shine," according to a TVT Records publicist.

The group is also working on a new version of "Angel's Son," a track by frontman Lajon Witherspoon and the surviving members of Snot that appeared on last year's Strait Up, a tribute album honoring late Snot singer Lynn Strait. It has not been determined if the revamped take will end up on Animosity.

Witherspoon said the band's new material is heavy while also revealing the group's more mature, emotional side (see "Sevendust Aim For October With Third LP").

The album's producer, Ben Grosse (Filter, Fuel), will mix the album in a Los Angeles studio in July.

Fans can expect a tour in support of Animosity to kick off as early as late summer, the publicist said.