Jadakiss, DMX Team Up For Goodbye

Fellow Ruff Ryder contributes to track on first solo LP by member of the LOX, due August 8.

Sometimes when you talk to Jadakiss, it's hard to get a straight answer out of him. Take discussing the casting of the video for his next single, "Knock Yourself Out," for example.

"I might not get kids this time," explained the MC, who featured dancing children in his video for "Put Your Hands Up." "I might get midgets, or some fat girls to do the [Harlem] Shake."

Produced by the Neptunes, "Knock Yourself Out" features Jada "miseducating them like Lauryn Hill" as he promises one member of his harem a blank check to buy jewelry, among other things.

"I just called [the Neptunes] up," Jadakiss recalled nonchalantly of the cut's origins. "I needed them [to appeal to] the bitches and the clubs. It's still grimy, though."

The rapper is more serious when discussion turns to his first solo LP, Kiss Tha Game Goodbye. Originally scheduled for a May release, the album was pushed back to August 8 despite the strong buzz created by "Put Your Hands Up," the instant underground classic "We Gon' Make It," and his many guest appearances on R&B tracks. The delay is only helping to build anticipation, Jadakiss explained.

"The same thing happened with Big's [Life After Death] and it went seven times platinum," he said. "It's comin' now. The wait is up. I'm happy with it."

While he was not able to secure an Eminem appearance as planned ("Jadakiss Finishing Up Solo LP; Joined By Eminem, Nas, Dre"), 'Kiss recently finished a track called "Ugh Huh" with his longtime compatriot DMX, and Nas finally laid down his rhymes for "Show Discipline." "Dirty South Scenario" features Fiend, 8Ball and Yung Wun and was produced by Swizz Beatz. Swizz also supplied the haunting, piano-powered track "Jada's Got a Gun," with a chorus that plays off of Aerosmith's "Janie's Got a Gun." Jadakiss, who spent a few weeks recording some tracks in Los Angeles, also teams up with Snoop Dogg, spreading California love on "Cruisin'." Here, Jada keeps the party going by scoping girls at the Beverly Center before spreading bullets around like chicken pox.

"We Gon' Make It," an underground hit last year, featured Jada and his fellow LOX member Styles interchanging lines about street mayhem. The two MCs plan to do a whole album following in the vein of that song.

"We sit there and write the whole thing together," Jadakiss said of how the track developed. "He says the parts he wants to say, and I say what I want to say. When we throw the beat on, we make the whole sh-- pop."

The song's beat caused controversy earlier this year when Ras Kass threatened to sue the track's producer, the Alchemist, claiming he had been sold the same beat ("Alchemist Responds To Claims Of Double Dealing").

"That controversy is with Alchemist and Ras Kass," Jadakiss said. "He played the beat for me, I paid him his money and I laid my vocals on it. I ain't got nothing to do with that other sh--. I ain't get a call from Ras Kass, no nothing, so I'm good. The album is my only concern for the next six to eight months."

Jadakiss will soon be heard alongside Prodigy and Butch Cassidy on "Livin' the Life" from the compilation Violator the Album: V2.0, due July 24 ("Busta Rhymes Leading Violator 2.0 Charge"). 'Kiss is also being rotated on Jermaine Dupri's white-label release "Hate in Your Blood," which also features Freeway.