Dispatch From Durstland: Puddle Of Mudd Vid, 'Movie Thing' Imminent

Limp Bizkit frontman alludes to directing movie, though doesn't specify which one.

Fred Durst, recovering from a back injury that forced Limp Bizkit to cancel the last five dates of their European tour, has announced his "to do" list on the band's official Web site, www.limpbizkit.com.

While apologizing to his overseas fans for the unexpected cancellations (see "Fred Durst's Aching Back Shuts Down Bizkit Tour"), Durst said that he's preparing to direct Puddle of Mudd's new video in Florida. The clip will be for "Control," the first single off the band's album Come Clean, scheduled for an August 14 release, according to an Interscope Records spokesperson.

Puddle of Mudd, along with Kenna, are the latest signings to Durst's Flawless Records imprint. The band is currently on the road with fellow Durst discoveries Staind and Cold.

Durst also said that his "movie thing" is imminent, though he doesn't specify which of the two films he's set to direct will take priority. Both "Runt," a flick focusing on a high school outcast, and the horror movie "Life Without Joe" are on the Bizkit frontman's agenda (see "Durst Says Time Is Right For His Movie About School Outcast" and "Durst To Direct Teen Thriller 'Life Without Joe' "), though his label rep couldn't say which he'll tackle first.

Limp Bizkit will begin pre-production on their as-yet-untitled fourth album in August.