Trick Daddy Accused By Maryland Mom Of Having Dirty 'Clean' LP

Rapper's non-stickered Thugs Are Us contains obscenities, according to suit.

Trick Daddy put dirty words on a "clean" album, according to a Maryland mother who's suing the rapper's label and distributors.

Renee Perkins of District Heights, Maryland, bought a copy of Trick Daddy's Thugs Are Us to play at a party for her 11-year-old son, and chose the version that didn't have a "Parental Advisory" sticker, according to her lawyer, Jon Pels. She was startled when she previewed the album and heard the cut "Bonus Track: Deuce Poppi Snippet," which contains the line "Yo Deuce Poppi with a Trick in the house/ Gonna wake up in the morning with a d--- in her mouth," and found that the offending word had not been edited out, Pels said. Elsewhere on the album, he claims, obscenities were poorly edited.

"We don't care what they say or what they sell," Pels said Tuesday, adding that he doesn't view this case as a First Amendment issue. "Just don't represent it as non-explicit if it's not."

Perkins filed the class-action suit against Trick Daddy's Slip-N-Slide Records, as well as Atlantic Records and AOL Time Warner, which distribute Thugs Are Us, in U.S. Circuit Court in Montgomery County, Maryland, on June 19. Pels said the album's packaging violates Maryland's Consumer Protection Act, which prohibits misrepresenting products to consumers.

The suit requests damages equivalent to the purchase price of the album for anyone in Maryland who bought the clean version of Thugs Are Us, according to Pels. He added that he is considering filing a similar suit in the District of Columbia, with other states possibly to follow.

Spokespersons for AOL Time Warner, Atlantic Records and Slip-N-Slide were unavailable for comment.